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Our Staff

Our friendly staff are fully DBS covered and paediatric first aid trained. We are fully insured and hold the relevant health and hygiene certificates. 

Cupcake Foils
Karen Wright 

Karen has spent the last 14 years as a Primary School Teacher until she decided that the time was right for a change. She wanted to put her training and skills to good use and cooking with children is something she has always enjoyed and felt is an important skill for children to be developing. 

In her spare time she has always been a keen baker and home cook. It is these skills she hopes to pass along to the next generation as well as her enthusiasm for home cooked food. 

Lexy Wheatley

Lexy has worked for many years in the hospitality industry and has a keen interest in food and cooking. She has also spent a number of years working in childcare settings and has a fantastic ability to relate to children and to engage them in a variety of activities. 


She feels that learning to cook is an important life skill and the sooner we encourage children to experience and enjoy this the better off they will be in the future. 

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